Planning a Family?

Generally, all of us want to buy the best quality clothes, footwear, food etc. we want the best for which we spend time and money both. But are we putting in any extra effort to have the best baby, which is a little miracle in life.

Yes, you read right. Except for extra care during walking, behaving or diet, we do not consider any other factors. But there are many aspects which we are supposed to focus upon.


What we sow –so we reap. You sow the best quality seed-you reap a good quality crop. Similarly, pregnancy care does not only start from the time you conceive but from the time you are planning a pregnancy. Best quality gametes (ovum and sperm) will naturally give rise to the best baby. Both the partners should be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for pregnancy and invite the divine soul with high IQ, EQ, and SQ baby in life.

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