Machis Hai Kya | Award Winning Thriller Short Film

Machis Hai Kya  Thriller  Short  Film

Machis Hai Kya – Award winning Short film on the quest of life, “Machis Hai Kya? won three awards in two International Film Festivals consecutively. One in ZEE Cinema Rajasthan International Film Festival, Jaipur 2016 for Best Short Film and two in IFFS (International Film Festival of Shimla) , 2015 for Best Director – Short Fiction category and Best Film-Special jury/Audience award.

Dialogues exchanged between a suicidal guy who has lost all his hopes and a crazy stranger looking for Machis (lighter), whom he encounters while waiting to end his life is an eye opener. The film successfully delivers the message that a day or even an event can change your prospective towards life completely and shows us that till the time you are alive, you still stand a chance to win over situations, which you lose as soon as you give up and get stuck in dark void of death.

Producer : Sumati Mehta
Director : Susheel Mehta
Cinematography : Susheel Mehta
Story, Screenplay, Dialouge : Susheel Mehta

Actors :
Manuj Walia as Ravi Paul
Manuj Sharma as First Person

Supporting Actors :
Thakur K.C. Parihaar as Passenger 1
Rohit Thakur as Passenger 2

Background Music : Vikaas Vishwakarma
English Subtitles : Sumati Mehta
Editors : Susheel Mehta, Sumati Mehta
Associate : Aditya Thakur

Vrihat Entertainments is an Independent Film Production House based in Solan, Himachal Pradesh