Already conceived? What next…..

Wow! Eagerly waiting for the bundle of joy to arrive? Welcome the baby with great joy and happiness which is the most wonderful miracle of life.


Is only being happy or joyful enough? Or can we do something more…….

During olden days, parents and elders used to guide us dos and don’ts to be followed throughout pregnancy. But today we are on our own. Many questions remain unanswered.

The concept of garbhasanskar answers most of our queries. Garbhasanskar techniques are mentioned in our ancient texts and validated by modern scientific research. Literal meaning of the term Garbhasanskar is, education in the womb. Ayurveda says why not train it in the womb itself, to get a child we desire.

Let me sight an example to reinforce the concept of garbhasanskar.most of us


know the story of Abimanyu, the great warrior son of Arjuna in the epic story of Mahabharata. This great son of Draupadi broke the chakravyuha – military formation of the kauravas by recollecting, what he had listened to when he was in the womb. The proof of listening by the fetus in the womb of the mother is now proved by modern science too.

All the parents strive hard to educate and train their children to study well. Now imagine if you can start this training even before it is born. The child naturally will be more clever and intelligent then the other children of his age.

So, just like how the potter molds the clay to beautiful pottery, you too can mold your child’s mind to be mentally, physically, and emotionally stronger by making the woman undergo this Garbhasanskar training during the course of pregnancy.

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